Your first step towards a career in Management

BBA entrance exams are a pre-requisite for admission to Bachelor’s degree programs in Business Management Institutes across India. Syllabus for most these entrance exams is alike. They assess the student’s knowledge in diverse subjects like reasoning, communication, general awareness, etc. with objective multiple-choice questions. What might alter is the difficulty level of the questions, weight-age of marks assigned to various topics or pattern of the test paper.

GSP provides students with in person training and guidance ascertaining an edge over other test preparation institutes.

The GSP Edge

  1. Extensive Course Coverage: With its unique blend of Concept Clarity and Practice Exercises, GSP strives to cover the course extensively.
  2. Sectional Tests/Mock tests: These are the scientifically designed tests to append the student of their basic skills of Understanding, Speed and Accuracy.
  3. Study Tools: It has been realized by the test prep industry experts that providing online tool in addition to classroom training gives the student an edge over their compatriots. GSP is aptly geared up to provide study materials and online support to the students.
  4. Doubt Handling: No course is complete unless students feel it’s complete. To make that possible GSP offers remedial sessions and the doubt handling sessions with experts.
  5. Online Support: GSP offers a unique support in form of online GK assessment which enables the student to be updated about the world around.

Course Specifics

  1. Covers all major Entrance Tests.
  2. Exhaustive and relevant Study Material – Concept Books, Smart Guides, Class & Home Exercises etc
  3. Extensive Classroom Training
  4. Online Academic Support
  5. Special focus on Reasoning, General Awareness and Computer Aptitude
  6. Extensive Test Practice – Mock Tests, Periodic Tests, and Speed Tests

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