Journalism and Mass Communication involve students directly with people. Journalists are the voice of the people, and have the prowess to influence opinions and decisions for welfare of the public.

Different forms of media have emerged like the internet, mobile, television along with the conventional newspaper and radio, providing journalists new vistas to experiment. BJMC course helps students to establish a challenging career in media and offers the opportunity to contact famous personalities and travel extensively.

Mass media covers all aspects of human life. Besides good communication skills, technology is beginning to play a greater role. Media is a demanding field, requiring them to work fast and efficiently for sending across the message to a whole range of audience.

SmartPrep provides students with in person training and guidance ascertaining an edge over others.

The SmartPrep Edge

  1. Extensive Course Coverage
  2. Comprehensive Sectional Tests/Mock tests
  3. Interactive Study Tools
  4. Effective Doubt Handling
  5. Online Support

Course Specifics

  1. Covers all major Entrance Tests.
  2. Exhaustive and relevant Study Material – Concept Books, Smart Guides, Class & Home Exercises etc
  3. Extensive Classroom Training
  4. Online Academic Support
  5. Special focus on Reasoning, General Awareness and Media Aptitude
  6. Extensive Test Practice – Mock Tests, Periodic Tests, and Speed Tests

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